Skyscanner and Delhi Dare to Engage with Fans

Skyscanner & Delhi Daredevils

Global travel search website Skyscanner has become the ‘Official Travel Partner‘ of the Indian Premier League (IPL) side Delhi Daredevils. The IPL is the most watched Twenty20 cricket league in the world and a recent study by a brand valuation and finance company valued the league format at around £1.9billion, with the franchises playing in the league valued at a total of £237million.

Through the partnership, Skyscanner has the opportunity to convert the millions of IPL fans into users of their website and fans of the Delhi Daredevils can use the free comparison site to find a cheap option to support their team across the country. The first round of IPL7 took place in UAE, presenting Skyscanner with a huge opportunity to be at the forefront of fans minds when they looked for their travel to the country. The Senior Marketing Manager for Skyscanner India, Kavitha Gnanamurthy, underlined this when the deal was announced, stating that there was ‘a 360% increase in search volume for flights from India to UAE for March over February 2014’.

The focus of this post won’t be on the data that Skyscanner collects however, it’s going to outline the ways that they are using social channels to bring the partnership to life and engage with fans of the Delhi Daredevils.

India has a population of over 1.2billion people and according to the agency We Are Social, around 90million of them are active on Facebook as of January 2014. 67% of all internet users also own a Twitter account. It’s fair to say India is a pretty social country!

One other thing that it’s fair to say is that they love cricket. The Indian Cricket Team and cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar have around 30million likes between them on Facebook, while the latter has over 4million Twitter followers. This post on the Twitter blog underlines how the IPL itself is using Twitter to bring the league and the teams closer to the fans that are so passionate about it. The post states that there has been around 3million Tweets about IPL7 to date. The video below, created by Twitter, further outlines how Indians use the platform to get closer to the sport they are so passionate about.

Skyscanner have looked to capitalise on this by channeling their efforts to activate the partnership primarily through the uber social channels of Facebook and Twitter. The hashtag #Skyscannerdares was chosen to accompany the competitions being announced, and it has been utilised on both platforms.

Using the hashtag of coure, fans were encouraged to fit as many of their friends as possible into a selfie and have the chance to win tickets to the next Daredevils match for everyone in the picture.

The prizes didn’t just include match tickets though. The IPL features cricket stars from around the world, and the Daredevils team is no different. The undoubted star of the team, and probably the most well-known to those not fans of the sport is Kevin Pietersen. Skyscanner quizzed KP and 3 other players on what made their home countries so special. Fans were then asked to voice their reasons on social media why they wanted to visit either England, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand. The winner got a trip to their chosen destination paid for by Skyscanner.

A start-up success story going from £0 to over £60million revenue in just 10 years, this is the first time Skyscanner has ventured into the business of sport and I believe they’ve hit it for 6. The competitions have been simple, but highly effective. Browsing through #Skyscannerdares you can see fans of the Delhi Daredevils have got on board and got involved with trying their best to win tickets to watch the sport they adore and the stars they idolise.

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