Sports sponsors have heavily featured across various platforms in the past week, particularly in the world of cycling. You won’t need me to tell you about the Lance Armstrong case. I’m sure the majority of us will admit that we don’t know a lot about professional cycling, but the huge coverage of the findings of the recent US Anti-Doping Agency report has left us feeling like experts. The report found that Armstrong cheated his way to his Tour de France victories, and was basically the ring-leader of the doping culture within his team.

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Pitchside Advertising: Is it effective?

Assuming the vast majority of us have attended a football match, we have all seen examples of pitchside advertising. Is it worth a business investing in this kind of advertising though? The answer varies depending on what level of football you look at. Scottish football is a good place to kick off.

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Brand-y Murray

Following on (sort of) from the last blog about sponsorship being vital to Olympians, the importance of sponsorship could also be seen after Andy Murray finally won his first Tennis major. The match had barely finished and an elated Murray had become distressed as he couldn’t find something, “I don’t have it” he proclaimed. Was it a speech? Course not. He couldn’t find the watch (featured in the picture above) that sponsors Rado presumably provided him to wear during all the trophy pictures.

Murray recently added Rado to the list of his sponsors which include Adidas, Royal Bank of Scotland and Jaguar, and also Head for his tennis equipment. The Rado deal was said to be worth a seven figure sum, and it is reported by Forbes that Murray has made £7.5million from off-court activities in the last year. This is all before a Grand Slam win.

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Ambush the Ambush

The rise of sport marketing and in particular sport sponsorship has drastically inflated the amounts of money involved in the industry today. The Olympic Games have been and gone and official sponsors of the Games altogether spent upwards of £1 billion to associate themselves with London 2012. These companies will have hoped to see some benefits of sponsoring the Games, the culmination of their marketing campaigns and their huge payment to become an official sponsor.

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One Sponsorship Too Far?

If sponsorship is the topic of discussion, we can’t ignore the team I support, Manchester United.

If I was to analyse every single one of United’s official sponsors, I’d be here for a while. To name a few, they have an official savoury snack partner, an official wine partner, an official timekeeper and official telecommunications partners in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bulgaria and many more.

So have United taken it too far then? In my opinion, yes they have. To prove my point, I’m going to look at their sponsorship with their official airline partner, Turkish Airlines.

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